Dec 072003
Authors: Seth Davis

The search for a new Dean of the College of Natural Resources is

on, and Rick Miranda, current Dean of the College of Natural

Sciences and head of the search committee for new dean, expects the

crop of candidates to be a strong one.

“We hope to get between 20 and 50 applications for a position at

this level,” Miranda said. “What we really want is one good one. It

is important to have a large and diverse pool of candidates.”

Miranda said the search committee has sent out the job

advertisements and already received a few applications.

The committee will close the search in mid-January and begin

reviewing applications. That is when the real selection process

begins, Miranda said.

“We go through the applications, contact references and come up

with a list of finalists to bring to campus for interviews. Then

the provost makes a final decision,” he said.

In Miranda’s opinion, when reviewing the applicants’

applications, the difficulty lies in trying to get a sense of the

person behind the application.

“It’s always hard to evaluate people’s qualifications from

simply reading letters and resumes,” Miranda said. “The hardest

part is sifting through and picking finalists, but once we get them

on campus for interviews, we get an excellent chance to get

in-depth with the candidates and see their qualities emerge.”

Provost Peter Nicholls said candidates for dean are usually at

the rank of full professor and have been at an institution for at

least 20 years. He listed some other qualities that a strong

candidate should possess.

“The candidate should have the credentials to be appointed to a

tenured position,” Nicholls said. “The candidate should work well

with people, value contributions of staff and students, articulate

a vision for the future of the college and have experience in

leadership to where they can make tough decisions.”

Nicholls thinks the quality of the College of Natural Resources

will attract candidates from all over.

“I anticipate we will get many fine applications because it is a

fine college. We have programs across the country, so I suspect

people from all over the country will be interested,” Nicholls


Miranda said the search committee hopes to interview candidates

in the second half of spring semester and to have a new dean arrive

on campus around July 1.

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