Dec 072003
Authors: Lindsey Boudreau

The Inter-fraternity Council (IFC) and Panhellenic Council at

CSU is planning changes that will keep them away from the “Animal

House” image.

“As the new president of IFC, I want to work with each

fraternity,” said Pat Hutchinson, member of Pi Kappa Phi. “I want

fraternities to know what is happening in the community and inform

the community about what’s going on in Greek life.”

IFC is the governing board over all fraternities on campus. The

council serves to guide and support the chapters and ensure they

uphold the high ideals every fraternity stands for.

Hutchinson, along with five other fraternity members, was

appointed a new position on the executive board of IFC Nov. 17. He

believes the change is for the better.

“New people in IFC take on new perspectives and bring new

thoughts,” said Hutchinson. “They make the fraternities better, and

that is what IFC is about.”

Hutchinson’s plans for the next year include: better

communication between the fraternities and IFC, building

relationships with the administration and improving the reputation

of fraternities on campus.

“I think the changes in IFC will make it better,” said Jose

Garcia Jr., member of Pi Kappa Alpha. “Hopefully the new

president’s plans for next year will not only improve fraternities,

but also IFC.”

The Panhellenic Council, the governing body for sororities on

campus, is focusing their efforts for next year on the


“The Greek community at CSU has a lot of resources,” said

Kristen Reed, vice president of programming and member of Kappa

Kappa Gamma. “We want to use those resources to reach out to the

Fort Collins community and make a positive impact.”

In the past year the Panhellenic Council has created and

implemented philanthropies like Up ’til Dawn and the Muscular

Dystrophy Association (MDA) bowling tournament.

Some events Reed said the Panhellenic Council is working on are

a senior citizen holiday ball, Dec. 13, and a professor’s

appreciation breakfast.

The Panhellenic Council is scheduling activities to prepare the

Greek community on issues they might be faced with. This includes

adversity, suicide prevention and women’s self defense.

“The council wants Greeks to be educated on issues not covered

in the classroom,” Reed said.

“I enjoy the events the Panhellenic Council puts on,” said

Melissa Miller, member of Gamma Phi Beta. “I learn a lot and I feel

like I am helping others.”

Reed and Hutchinson believe the changes and events both councils

are doing will benefit Greek life, as well as the Fort Collins


“We want the community to know that Greek life at CSU makes a

lot of things happen,” Reed said. “We do a lot of good.”

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