To the Editor:

Dec 042003

Thursday’s article, “Bomb scare had no fuse,” warned us all to

keep our eyes open and be aware of possible criminal activity.

While I understand that these are “dangerous times,” what I got

from this article is that two people were spending some time in a

public place and an item of theirs was taken and destroyed by the

police because they looked suspicious.

I want to know what it was about the authorities that made them

look suspicious. I want to know what the device actually was. I

want to know if they were reimbursed for the destruction of their

property. If the device was a semester project, sometimes no sum of

money can replace the countless hours spent. I have been harassed

by the CSUPD before, and it sickens me to see them get away with

more. Please provide some more details on this incident.


A.J. Hawks

Senior, computer science

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To the Editor:

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Dec 042003

I am very disappointed about the “sex” meeting two days ago. It

was a very poor subject for a campus that is to be giving “higher

education” and that is to be “united” with the community. There are

two points that I would like to mention regarding this.

First, as for being a school that believes that the community is

to be a part of the university and vice versa, why not ask them to

participate via exposure through the Coloradoan? If it is because

it is paid through student fees, well what a poor way to spend

student fees!

Second and last, I read in The Collegian that CSU Police

Department is having a difficult time controlling the cases of

sexual assault despite all their hard work in increasing lighting

around campus and adding foot patrols and Campus Service Officers,

which I highly commend the CSUPD on their efforts because I think

that they are doing the best they can. How do you think that a poor

subject as “sexology” is going to help that? I am hoping that

because of this poor decision, we do not see/feel the repercussions

of this action. As for further selections, I suggest that a survey

be done first to see what would be applicable, and “kosher” with

the community, even within the departments of CSU.

Sean Seal

Faculty member

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