Dec 042003
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff


Shandra Jordan, editor in chief

J.J. Babb, design managing editor

Christopher J. Ortiz, opinion editor

CSU President Larry Penley announced to the Associated Students

of CSU Wednesday night that the administration is pulling the plug

on freshman seminars.

We support this move and are happy to see the seminars gone. For

those of us who have had unfortunate pleasure of taking the

first-year seminar, we don’t feel the seminars were a good start to

the higher education experience.

Freshmen are not like kindergarteners who need their hands held

on the first day of school. Yes, the first year of school can be

overwhelming for some, but to force the entire freshman class to

take a seminar is unproductive and costly (a partial reason why we

believe the seminars were eliminated), with an instructor needed

for every 18 or so freshmen.

It might be a good idea to make freshman seminars optional for

students who feel they may benefit from these seminars, but for the

majority of students who are trying to graduate on time, having yet

another core curriculum class hinders that four-year goal.

In these times of budgets being slashed and critical and

important programs being wiped away, we feel this is an appropriate


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