Dec 042003
Authors: Jamie Way

DENVER – Reproductions of artistic masterpieces can hardly begin

to capture the beauty, depth and color of the collection that can

now be seen at the Denver Art Museum.

The museum is currently offering the public the opportunity to

experience some of the world’s most renowned paintings in person.

The collection includes the works of Renoir, Picasso, Monet and Van


“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” said Public Relations

Associate Kelly Hurley. “This is a collection that will probably

never tour again.”

Renoir’s, “The Luncheon of the Boat Party,” the Phillips

Collection’s signature work, has only left the building housing the

collection once in the last fifteen years.

“To actually see (the pieces) in person is a whole different

experience,” Hurley said. “To understand the scale of them, the

shape of them and the color of them is pretty phenomenal.

Although artists may have a better understanding of the

techniques the artists employed, the exhibit is for everyone.

“I’ve been in a gallery with some 8-year-olds that get just as

much, if not more, out of the art than adults,” Hurley said.

The Phillips Collection, which is normally in Washington, D.C.,

includes 53 paintings by 32 of the world’s most famous artists.

“This is the kind of show they’d flock to see in New York and

Paris,” said Rose Beetem, public relations associate. “It’s an

incredible collection. I’m not an art expert, but there’s still

half a dozen paintings I can recognize.”

Due in part to the risks of transporting such pieces,

collections like the Phillips Collection rarely travel, making the

chance to see the collection in Denver a rare opportunity.

“This isn’t like a movie where if you miss it you can rent it on

DVD later,” Beteem said. “This is a really rare opportunity.”

The Museum recommends advance ticket purchase for the


“I’m a member (of the art museum) so I just walked in and waited

in line for about an hour,” said Ruth Pettigrew, an art instructor.

“If I were going to go down again, I’d make reservations.”

The Denver Art Museum was very stark and plain, which allowed

people to explore, Pettigrew said.

“I enjoyed (the exhibit) because it allowed me to revisit the

art work I admired when I was an art student,” Pettigrew said.

Students with an I.D. can visit the exhibit in Denver for $11.75

until Jan. 4.

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