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Dec 032003
Authors: Gabriel Dance

New York underground, local hip-hop, the infamous Kenny Rogers,

emo and the Rastanauts fit the bill for this coming weekend. Then

Blind Boys, a trippy simulcast and some proof that heavy metal

lives fills out the following week. Put your books down and put the

earplugs in, here’s the Weekly Buzz.

Tonight features a couple hip-hop acts and the Western rocker

who also sells fried-chicken Roasters. Aesop Rock with Mr. Lif

& Akrobatick performs at the Aggie tonight. Aesop Rock is an

underground hip-hop artist hailing from Manhattan and currently

pushing his sound to the Front Range. Then at the Starlight we have

some local hip-hop performed by 3 Peas with college-rock group The

Mercury Project. If those shows don’t satisfy your hunger then go

to Safeway, buy a Kenny Rogers Roaster and then check out his show

at the Budweiser Events Center. I can’t guarantee the show, but the

Roaster should be delicious.

Friday night Opie Gone Bad, called “Denver’s hottest band” by

Norm Clark of the Rocky Mountain News, is performing at Herman’s

Hideaway in Denver. But if you are feeling rowdy and would like to

hear some punk, check out Alkaline Trio at the Ogden.

There are two very different directions you can take Saturday

night. For a night of music and good vibe check out Rastanauts at

Rasta Pasta. Eric Parthum, a 21-year-old graphic design major

describes the ‘nauts as “rocked-out Rastafarian.” However if you

want to saturate yourself in pop consumerism then definitely get

tickets to the KISS 95.7 Snow Ball featuring Jessica Simpson,

Hilary Duff and Nick Lachey. Although, if you’re truly into the

giving holiday spirit and happen to have tickets to this Ball, give

them to a high school girl, it’ll make her day.

Monday night belongs to the Deftones with Thrice & Thursday

at the Fillmore in Denver. The Deftones rock, hard. If you rock,

hard, you should make perfect harmony with this group.

Tuesday night also offers two distinctly different performances.

The Boulder Theatre plays host to The Blind Boys of Alabama, a

group formed in the late 1930s at the Alabama Institute for the

Negro Blind. The group has recently released a Christmas album,

which Scene Magazine said has “a lot of heart and soul, not to

mention originality.” If you’re feeling a little more experimental

Woody’s is having a Dark Side of OZ Simulcast the same night. If

you haven’t checked out how Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon

album crazily collaborates with The Wizard of Oz movie you

definitely need to give this a try.

The middle of the week is perfect for either kicking back and

feeling the groove or kicking ass and feeling the burn. On

Wednesday if the groove suits your mood you should check out

Questlove from The Roots performing with DJ Idium at the Fox

Theatre in Boulder. On the other hand if you’ve had enough and just

want some good angry music then Superjoint Ritual is performing at

the Starlight and continuing to show that heavy metal is alive and


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