To the Editor

Dec 032003

Referring to the article about Yvonne Fulbright’s presentation

about safe sex. In my opinion, this presentation was an


This “sexologist” talked about ways to make using protection

less embarrassing by using sex toys, blindfolds, handcuffs and anal

beads. She stated, “You guys can turn anything into a sex toy.”

This is disgusting! Sex is not a game. Sex is not just a phase for

college students. Sex is very powerful and should be taken

seriously. It’s at its best when part of a thriving, committed

relationship, i.e. marriage. According to the National Health and

Social Life Survey (Laumann and Michael, 1994), married people are

having the best sex, they are having the most sex and they are the

most likely to be sexually satisfied. So if you want to know how to

eroticize your sex life, talk to someone wearing a wedding ring,

not a blindfold!

Fulbright suggested using sex toys and blindfolding your partner

to ease the awkwardness of using contraceptives. How does this

skin-to-skin foreplay protect people from some of the most

widespread STDS? Does Ms. Fulbright realize that she has just toyed

with the vulnerability in this area of student’s lives and given

them justification to make destructive decisions regarding their

sexuality? It is sad that people like Yvonne are using this message

as a way to make money to promote unhealthy lifestyle


Deena Faucett

Junior Business Major

 Posted by at 5:00 pm

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