Random Ram

Dec 032003
Authors: Gabriel Dance

Everybody likes throwing a good bash now and then. The beginning

of school, end of finals or anytime provides an excellent

opportunity to get a couple friends together and have some drinks.

So when Jordan Batchelder, a 20-year-old construction management

major from Ridgeway, had a roommate with a birthday it seemed like

the perfect chance to have some friends over.

“The party started off good enough,” Batchelder said. “A lot of

our friends showed up and there was plenty of beer.”

But like many parties, the good times were destined to get even


“People just kept showing up. There was definitely no more room

in the house so people were just spilling into our front and

backyards. We really weren’t sure what to do after our front and

backyards were full. There literally wasn’t any more room to fit

people. But people were still coming. There were groups of 20-30

kids coming down the street still,” Batchelder said.

This great party had peaked and looked to head in one of several

different directions. That direction turned out to be located

somewhere on the hood of a Fort Collins Police Services


“The police came to the house originally because we called them

to let them know the party had gotten out of control,” Batchelder

said. “But then when the cruiser pulled up some kid we didn’t know

jumped on its hood shaking the whole car. Then kids were throwing

their beer bottles, cups and anything else they had at the


The cruiser then left. The party, which had spilled out into the

intersection at this point, started to go wild.

“People were lighting off huge fireworks. Some other kids had

torn the stop signs out of the ground and were running around with

them. A kid was playing drums, I’m not sure if he brought them for

the party or what,” Batchelder said.

But the fun was about to come to a pellet-and-teargas-induced

conclusion. Cruisers and paddy wagons were all parking about two

blocks away from the party. Large floodlights were aimed at the

group of wild students who by this point numbered more than


“Then the riot police came down the street in full gear:

helmets, shields, teargas, clubs and pellet guns. They were

shooting beanbags and small balls filled with teargas powder at

kids. My roommate was running in our house and got tagged in the


Eventually police cleared the students out and the party came to

an end. Batchelder was happy that nobody had been injured, and he

exited his house to thank the officer.

“After seeing people rip stop signs out of the ground, shoot

fireworks, jump on cop cars and throw beer bottles I went out to

thank the police officer for helping break it up. What did I get

for my hospitality? He handcuffed me and threw me in his car.”

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