Hating on Hilton

Dec 032003
Authors: Gabriel Dance

Haterade (ht r – d) – A beverage enjoyed by people who dislike

and discredit others because they are more powerful, better

looking, wealthier and/or more popular.

I wish some people would set down their haterade long enough to

switch to a highball and wet their palate with a taste of Paris

Hilton aged for over 22 years. Paris is a tall drink of blonde who

is the great-granddaughter of hotel-chain founder Conrad Hilton.

Often portrayed as a snobby socialite only “famous for being

famous,” her most recent soir�e into the media surrounds the

release of a home-made sex video. If none of this rings a bell then

you are not sipping haterade; you’re most likely sipping a

latt� and reading the Wall Street Journal. Moving on.

See if you can follow my reasoning for asking some of you to set

down the angry person’s drink of choice. No one blames poor people

for being born to poor parents. Nor do I see them hating on less

attractive people because they were unfortunate not to be blessed

with what current-day standards designate as “good looks.” Along

these lines I can’t understand the utter contempt that some people

have for Paris Hilton. So she was fortunate enough to have been

born a multi-millionaire, is that her fault? And she’s a leggy

blonde who most men, and some women, find physically attractive, is

that a reason to dislike her?

Paris is doing what millions of 20-somethings across the United

States and the world are doing. She’s just doing it with more money

and national attention. In fact I know at least five Paris Hiltons

who live right here in Fort Collins and several more dotted across

the country. I’m speaking of young adults who would trade their

college educations in a second to be financially set for life and

best friends with Tara Reid. I don’t want to act like this is

purely a female characteristic. When I speak of Paris Hiltons I’m

including guys as well. Paris Hiltons are in my classes, at the

bars and in their own homes making sex videos every weekend and I

would guess many weekdays, too.

Supposedly she parties hard. Now believe it or not I’m not an

A-list millionaire surrounded by beautiful, rich young adults with

an open-invitation to the best clubs and most popular places in the

world, but if I were I would probably party hard too. I’m not

saying I’d be taking drugs up my nose and staying up for days on

end, but she might not necessarily be doing that either. Even if

she is, isn’t it better than just another rich and famous loon

killing somebody, being a racist or any other myriad problems

modern day superstars have recently been convicted of, or even

worse, pronounced innocent of?

And true I haven’t been downloaded for any performance on the

Internet, but I’m not somebody who would say that making a homemade

sex video is wrong. If the two parties are consenting adults (she

was 19 at the time) then I won’t be the person to throw a stone. I

would, however, be the one to hold onto the video.

I urge you to put down the haterade. Worry about yourself and

what you’re doing in life. If you find the need to unnecessarily

hate on somebody, please count to ten and have a drink of whiskey,

beer, milk or latt�. You could probably use one.


Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie

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