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Dec 022003


Shandra Jordan, editor in chief

Colleen Buhrer, managing editor

Liz King, asst. design managing editor

Willow Welter, visual editor

Christopher J. Ortiz, opinion editor

According to today’s top sports story, 51 percent of CSU

athletics do not come from Colorado. Texas and California are the

biggest contributors to our sports program. We recognize the

argument stating state universities are supported by state dollars

and therefore should prioritize in-state recruiting.

The editorial board feels that the athletics program would be

handicapping itself if it restricted its recruiting to Colorado

high schools. To be competitive with other peer programs, CSU must

consider prospects nationwide.

If the argument is over the amount spent in giving out of state

scholarships versus giving instate scholarships, the CSU Athletics

Program is a huge moneymaker for the university.

We do agree, however, that recruiters should put in effort to

look at the basketball courts and football fields in Colorado. And

when the program has two equitably talented players, one from

Colorado and one from out of state, the Colorado native should be


CSU does run into the dilemma of competing with the University

of Colorado when trying to recruit athletics, so it only makes

sense to go out and recruit athletics nationwide.

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