To the Editor:

Dec 012003

After reading J.J. Babb’s article (Dec. 22, “Abortion apathy

unacceptable”), I feel I may be able to answer some of her

concerns. Our generation is realizing what the unborn is. The

unborn is a human being. Some may argue that a fetus is too small

to be a human, but children are small and are still considered

humans. Others argue that since a fetus is dependent on its mother

it isn’t a human being. New babies can’t survive on their own, at

least not for more than a few hours. A final argument pro-choice

makes contends that abortion is okay if it is used to save a

mother’s life. It is a slippery path to put more value on a

mother’s life than her unborn child’s. How can we judge which life

is worth more? Ultimately our generation is beginning to see the

unborn, though small and dependent, as a human being worthy of

protection and a chance at life. Ms. Babb argues that our

government is fighting against our generation, but I believe the

government is fighting for the generation of the unborn.

Brian Campbell

Freshman, electrical engineering

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To the Editor:

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Dec 012003

I read Ms. Babb’s article on abortion, and I have to say that

for someone with such a strong opinion, she supports it poorly. She

states that anti-abortion views prohibit woman from reproductive

rights. What about the rights of those innocent lives that are lost

due to the careless decisions of others?

Although that processing baby may not be recognized as a human

life, it is technically a living thing. In the rare circumstances

in which a woman may be in jeopardy, I can understand why she

should have an abortion performed. However, because of the lack of

morals in today’s society, woman use abortion as means of birth

control. To have an abortion is to take away a human life; which,

in other words, is murder. Next time Ms. Babb is concerned with her

rights as a woman and a fellow human being, I suggest that she

considers those infant lives that are lost due to irresponsible

decisions of today’s thoughtless individuals.

Mary Unger

Freshman, biology

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To the Editor:

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Dec 012003

I am confused by Ms. Babb’s conclusion that more young people

are apathetic about abortion, drawn from the data that more

consider themselves “pro-life” than in the past. Does Ms. Babb

believe that the only people that care about abortion and have

fully considered the issue are on the “pro-choice” side? If she is

truly interested in knowing why the “pro-choice” movement has

disenfranchised supporters she need only look at her own column.

Radical pro-abortion supporters such as her believe that abortions

should be provided by the state for anyone at anytime without

question. People such as myself cannot cast aside the negative

effects of abortion on the individual as quickly as Ms. Babb


Using myself as an example, I support the ability of an adult

woman to get an abortion up until the point that the

fetus/child/whatever can viably survive outside the woman’s body. I

would think that the “pro-choice” side would embrace my support to

their cause. The reality is that radical pro-abortion supporters

such as Ms. Babb would see that I am for parental notification for

minors and against partial-birth abortions, and call me a

“pro-life” man who wants to oppress women. Until the “pro-choice”

movement stops being dominated by the radical, uncompromising wing

and embraces those who support abortion but with reasonable

restrictions, it will continue to falter.

Jacob Seybert

Senior, psychology

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