Dec 012003
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff


Shandra Jordan – Editor in Chief

Colleen Buhrer – Managing Editor

Patrick Crossland – State and Regional Editor

Willow Welter – Visual Editor

J.J. Babb – Design Managing Editor

According to today’s package, women are graduating from

universities in four years at a higher rate than men but still

getting paid less.

Possible partial explanations include that women are more

inclined to take lower paying jobs, in education and social work,

for example, or that they are more likely to work part-time or

lower-paying jobs to allow time to raise a family.

On a brief side note, what does this say about our society that

we value a business executive over the people teaching our children

to read or write, or that a high-ranking individual in a company is

expected to be family-less?

The inequality hurts not only women, but also men. While some

companies offer male maternity leave, many do not, so even if women

don’t want to stay home and take time off work for two years, men

are not expected to and aren’t given compensated time off after a


By doing this, companies are actualizing the myth that women are

less-reliable workers by not giving men the option of taking time

off instead of women or giving a couple the option of splitting the


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