Nov 302003
Authors: Jason Kosena

A “grenade looking device” was found in a male bathroom on the

second floor of Morgan Library on Tuesday morning, prompting the

evacuation of 100 staff members and six library patrons.

Officers from Fort Collins Police Services, the Larimer County

Sheriff’s Office and the CSU Police Department responded to the


Police officers responding to a suspicious activity complaint in

the library found a possible explosive device. Two suspects, an

adult male and a juvenile female, were taken into custody, said

Dexter Yarbrough, chief of CSUPD. Neither of the suspects involved

were CSU students or employees.

“Officers found an adult male and juvenile female getting ready

for, or already in the process of, some sort of sexual activity in

a (male) bathroom on the second floor of the library,” Yarbrough

said. “The device was found with them.”

The 28-year-old adult male taken into custody was found to be in

possession of hypodermic needles and an unknown narcotic. Police

are still investigating, but Yarbrough said he believes the male

was in possession of enough drugs to warrant a felony charge.

Police bomb technicians brought the device out of the library

and detonated it to ensure its proper disposal. This minor

explosion caught the attention of some people on campus.

“People were telling me ‘Move back! Move back!'” said Brian

Bouchard, a senior majoring in computer information systems.

“Before I knew it, I was hearing people say ‘Fire in the hole!’ and

then there was an explosion. It was fairly small, but enough to get

everyone riled up.”

The exact material of the possible explosive device will not be

know until further testing can be done. That testing will probably

not be completed until later this week, said Lt. Karl Swenson of

the CSUPD.

According to a press release given by CSUPD, early indications

point to the device not being explosive in nature.

Capt. Bob Chaffee of the CSUPD said the efforts of the

responding officers are commendable and believes this incident is a

one-time event, given the facts police have gathered about the case

thus far.

“I think it was a really coordinated effort. The first officers

on the scene did exactly what needed to be done,” Chaffee said.

“Once we believed it was a possible explosive, the building was

evacuated immediately and the parameter was secured.”

Nate Greeley, a prospective student visiting CSU from Houston,

Texas, saw the morning’s events unfolding as part of his campus


“I didn’t even know what it was, but (it is) pretty freaky,”

Greeley said.

Despite watching police bomb units, dogs and officers operating

behind the crime scene tape, Greeley said it did not deter him from

wanting to come to CSU.

“It seems police on campus really know what they’re doing. I

feel pretty safe,” he said.

After investigation and a search of the library with a

bomb-sniffing dog, the staff was allowed back in around 10:45 a.m.,

with the entry of library patrons following shortly afterwards.

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