To the editor:

Nov 192003

The Collegian’s recent endorsement (Our View, Nov. 19) of the

Massachusetts Supreme Court legislating from the bench was not only

embarrassing but also shameful. You attempted to normalize

homosexual behavior by equating it to the color of one’s skin

(civil rights). Did you know that Martin Luther King, Jr.’s own

niece, Alveda Celeste King, disagrees with you? In 1997 she said

that the equation of homosexuality to race was a “death sentence”

for the civil rights movement.

Your assertion that this is a “victory for civil rights” is just

as deceptive. A July 28 USA Today/Gallup poll revealed the

African-American community does not support the homosexual agenda.

Their support fell from 58 percent in May to 36 percent in July,

according to the poll.

Whether or not one is “born” with homosexual tendencies is

irrelevant. Individuals CHOOSE to partake in an activity. Because

the radical homosexual lobby has not been able to win in the voting

booth or the legislatures, their obvious strategy is to destroy the

family in the courts. Unfortunately there are enough judicial

activists willing to destroy the Constitution for their own

political perversion.

Ms. King said it best. “No one is enslaving homosexuals… or

making them sit in the back of the bus. Don’t expect us or our

children to approve of, promote or elevate sexual preference to

civil rights status…What’s next, civil rights on the basis of

prostitution and pedophilia?”

Mark Hotaling

Senior, Business




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To the Editor:

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Nov 192003

That was a nice editorial cartoon (Nov.18) of President Larry

Penley on the side of the milk carton with the caption “Have you

seen this man?” I’ve been told the president himself got a chuckle

out of it. As chair of Faculty Council, I’ve been in a position to

watch Dr. Penley tackle an ambitious agenda during his first few

months on campus.

Rightly so, faculty and students alike want to be a part of the

new president’s agenda whether that entails talking with him in the

ASCSU offices or in meetings conducted by Faculty Council as well

as other venues – and I know he’s made that a priority to the

extent he can. He’s visited with all the academic colleges, held a

couple of open forums for students, taught a couple of classes and

met regularly with the leadership of ASCSU and Faculty Council.

He is a popular man who is fun to be with and who generates lots

of enthusiasm and discourse. The reality however is that when he is

interacting with us, he is not talking to his administrators,

politicians, business leaders, fund raisers and givers and other

individuals he needs to work with directly to move the university

to where we all want to be. I know that he will continue to find

ways to spend more time with all of us and we can share some good

laughs with him. For the time being, as he settles into the role of

president and gets to know the state of Colorado, we need to let

him do what he as to do and that probably means he will not be as

visible to us.


Chair of Faculty Council

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