Nov 192003
Authors: Chris Hess

The holiday season is here. It is a time for family. It is a

time for big meals. Most of all, it is a time to give.

Many people give presents and some give those presents away

because they didn’t like them. Still others choose to give back to

the community.

One of those people is Katie Thomas, who chooses to volunteer

every week at the Alpha Pregnancy Resource Center.

The Alpha Center is a Christian ministry that helps women and

men through crisis pregnancies that provides pregnancy tests,

counseling, support groups and referrals, all at no cost.

Thomas, a junior accounting major, doesn’t volunteer at the

center because she needs service learning hours for class or

because a judge ordered her to. She gives up her time to sit down

with pregnant teens because she has a story to tell.

In, 1981 a 17-year-old girl got pregnant. Because she didn’t

want to have an abortion, she decided to have the child. Knowing

that she could not provide for the baby, she decided to put it up

for adoption after it was born. That baby was Thomas.

“Because of what my mom chose to do, God has just really given

me a heart for pregnant teens,” Thomas said.

Her goal while volunteering at the center is to get the message

out that adoption is an option.

“A lot of times, people see abortion and keeping the baby as the

only two choices they have. People overlook the possibility of

adoption and sometimes they don’t even know about it,” Thomas


Thomas also commented that the girls who come into the center

are all very grateful for what is offered and all have close

relationships with the counselors. Besides support groups and

counseling, the center also gives out baby food and clothes to

couples with low income.

But Thomas, who plans to try and find her birth mother this

summer, is there because she wants them to see what can happen when

they take that often overlooked third option.

“I just sit down with them and tell them my story,” Thomas said.

“I just show them my life and the fact that God has really blessed

me with a great family. Hopefully, it makes an impact.”





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