Nov 192003
Authors: Chris Hess

Since the beginning of time, music has been a driving factor in

any culture. It has been a part of celebration, mourning and love.

Chances are you were conceived with “Let’s Get It On” blaring out

of your parent’s sound system.

However, for every action, there is an equal and opposite

reaction. Everything has its blemishes. Football has the Detroit

Lions. Television has Barney. And music has…well, let’s just

start from the beginning. Here are a few musical moments that

people were glad to see go by.

In the 1950s, music began to take form as we know it today. This

decade was the advent of rock and/or roll. Great things came from

it: Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Johnny Cash. And then there was

Little Richard.

While he may have had his song “Tutti Frutti” covered by the

Chipmunks, something just freaks me out about a guy that looks the

same today as he did in 1956. Not to mention the mascara!

By the time the ’60s rolled around, so had the ideas of peace

and love. This decade welcomed the Beatles, without which music

would not exist today. Then, towards the end of the decade came

Woodstock, the original music festival. People came together for

three days of peace, love and music.

Unfortunatly, much of that peace and love was disrupted towards

the end of the festival when the group Sha Na Na took the stage.

For me, there is just something about eight grown men in sequin

encrusted jumpsuits doing synchronized dance routines to “Teen

Angel” and “Duke of Earl” that just doesn’t fit in with the whole

Woodstock vibe. Talk about a bad trip.

Then came the ’70s: a time when rock truly rocked the world to

the utmost. The ’70s spawned the music of Zeppelin, Aerosmith,

Clapton, and the list goes on. However, just when Jimmie Paige was

rocking mightily and Steven Tyler was screaming at the top of his

lungs, out of the darkness came the Village People. Crap.

I can’t speak for everyone, but to me dressing up as an Indian

Chief and singing songs about the Navy and the YMCA just doesn’t

belong with any scene in the ’70s, whether it’s rock or disco. And

while I am sure that their intentions were good at the time,

writing songs that still plague party-goers at weddings and high

school dances across the country is simply a sin that is


Then came the ’80s. Two words: Boy George. I’ll just leave it at


Ah, the ’90s. What a sweet time to be alive with the likes of

Nirvana, Dave Matthews Band and The Humpty Dance. However, this

decade was also not without its blemishes. We had Hanson, we had

the Spice Girls, we had Shaq trying to rap. But, all of these pale

in comparison to the boy band movement.

Contrary to popular belief, the boy band movement did not just

include boys. Besides the N*Syncs and Backstreet Boys of the time,

there were your Britney Spears and Christina Aguileras.

Fortunately, it seems that this era has passed, with a few remnants

scattered around the pop music charts that are sure to drop off

soon. Maybe the former pop stars can all join Sha Na Na. They’ve

got the dancing down.

So, what does the future of music hold? No one knows. Maybe it

will be the resurgence of synchronized dancing or the re-claiming

of Boy George’s dignity. Whatever it is, just don’t forget “Let’s

Get It On.”





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