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Nov 192003

By Kevin Rigotti, Newscaster

Her Space Holiday

” The Young Machines”

The one-man band is back. Marc Blanchi of the band Her Space

Holiday’s newest album “The Young Machines” is now out. This unique

form of electronic rock blends guitar and other sting rhythms with

soft electronic beats. Blanchi’s voice resembles that of Eels front

man Mark Everett, but does lack the same level of despair. Some

songs on this album never reach the climax necessary to break up

the sometimes repetitiveness that electronic rock can have,

however, the album in general has a good flow of beats and mood

from one song to the next, making it easy to relax to. The mood of

the album stretches the full length of possible emotions. Some

songs make you feel sorry for the guy while others will raise your

spirits. The lyrics are especially well written and emotions are

well articulated. While some messages and moods might be on the

down side, the overall beats and rhythms are enough to keep your

ears up and your mind stimulated. This is an album to listen when

relaxing, but the beats might get a little repetitive after a




Mike Santos, Production Director

Murder by Death

“Who Will Survive, and What Will Be Left of Them?”

Don’t let the name fool you. Murder by Death is really not what

you think they are. Their latest release, “Who Will Survive, and

What Will Be Left of Them,” is definitely not what you would expect

from a band with a name like Murder by Death. Instead, “Who Will

Survive” is a concept album following the journey of a wanderer

through a small town. The majority of the CD runs at a consistent

pace, utilizing Old West saloon effects as well as an Old West

sound overall. It kind of makes me feel like I should have been

watching a John Wayne movie while listening. At any rate, this CD

requires a couple of listens to fully grasp the idea. In a world

saturated by concept albums, what makes Murder by Death different

from everyone else? Well…uh…they have a cello player named

Sarah! Word.


John Holland, Assistant Music Director


“12 Memories”

As one of the finest exports from the mother country, Travis has

come stateside again with “12 Memories.” They gained their U.S.

popularity by playing catchy, emotional British rock, much like

Radiohead. And they have started to try new things, again much like

Radiohead. However, Travis is moving a lot slower in the

experimental process. This album does have the abrasive changes and

new sounds that can be expected when a band is doing something

they’ve never done before. It also has the familiar sound that made

them who they are. Tracks like “Re-Offender” and “Love Will Come

Through” feature that same Travis sound you know and love. This is

not the best album to become a fan with, but if you were already

familiar with their work and others similar to them (Muse,

Radiohead, even Nick Drake at times) you can bet your bottom dollar

this disc will please.






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