Gimme a Break

Nov 192003
Authors: Todd Nelson

Two days left until a week of freedom. For some CSU’s fall break

won’t come a moment too soon.

Some burned-out CSU students are wondering why the university’s

break comes so late in the semester.

“I needed a break about three weeks ago,” said Ambeur Johnson, a

liberal arts senior. Johnson said she and her friends use breaks to

catch up on schoolwork, but with only two weeks left in the

semester it will be too late to catch up on anything.

Paul Hunter, a finance and real estate junior, said he liked the

break just the way it was.

“Now we’re hearing from some faculty and students that the

semester might just have too much time before the major break,”

said C.W. Miller, a CSU professor who is chair of the Faculty

Council, which sets the academic calendar for the university. “We

want to do what’s best for the students’ health and studies,”

Miller said, adding that the Faculty Council welcomes ideas on the

subject from students and faculty.

CSU’s academic calendar is already set through 2009, but Miller

said the Faculty Council has the ability to change the calendar if


Katie Clausen, vice president of the Associated Students of CSU,

said students have not approached ASCSU expressing a desire to

change the break. Though people do complain about getting tired and

burned-out this late in the semester, most students aren’t willing

to sacrifice the whole week break just to have a couple days off

earlier in the semester, Clausen said.

The University of Colorado-Boulder and the University of

Northern Colorado do not offer students a full week break during

the fall semester. Both universities give students Oct. 2 and 3 off

for a fall break, as well as the two days for Thanksgiving.

“I think it would be good to have an earlier break, but I like

having the full week off,” said Lindsay Collins, a freshman equine

science major.

The weeklong Thanksgiving break started in 1991 when CSU added

one week to each semester. This gave the option of allowing some

extra break days and the Faculty Council implemented the weeklong


Open option freshman Ryan Frederick said he thought the break

comes “a week or two late.”

When CSU students return form the Thanksgiving break they will

have two weeks of regular classes left in the semester before

finals week.




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