Nov 172003
Authors: Melissa Snow

Can you name at least five traditions at CSU that you have taken

part in this year? Or even since you came to this school? Lets

see…there’s the Lighting of the A and the Homecoming Bonfire

which you really only go to if your parents are here or you are in

the Associated Students of CSU. There’s Midnight Madness, which is

mostly just another program for Resident Assistants to take their

residents to. And then there is Cans Around the Oval but have you

even heard of that if you’re not in a student organization or

trying to get a discount when paying your parking ticket? Have you

heard of the Skyline Stampede or the Bronze Boot? Do you know where

Mama’s Grave is? Do you know who Peanuts the Bulldog is?

If you answered yes to most of those questions, good for you.

You probably understand the significance of the rock between Fort

Collins and Wyoming and what that tradition means to the fraternity

who paints it as well as their fellow Rams. You can stop reading

now if you want to. If that paragraph was full of phrases you have

never seen before in your life, don’t feel bad…there are a lot of

people in your company. Most of them are the people who see the

painted rock as “vandalism” and “graffiti,” rather than the

harmless tradition that it is. While I don’t condone whatever

“obscenities” that someone who was in no way related to my

boyfriend’s fraternity painted on one side of the rock, I don’t

understand the uproar that has been made about this fraternity’s

tradition-based showing of Ram Pride.

Traditions are about showing your pride in your school and your

fellow students. Traditions are about remembering those who were

here before you and paved the way so that you could have the

incredible experience that you are having here. But most of all,

traditions are about doing something that you will remember all

your life when you look back on your college years and smile. I

feel sorry for people who are so uptight that they cannot

appreciate a few letters and a “Go Rams” painted on a rock in the

middle of nowhere for just what it is: a tradition. Because for me,

whenever I drive by the rock and see the latest decorations, I

smile to myself. I smile because I know that regardless of which

school it was, someone had the time of his or her life painting

that rock. I smile because I know that for years, someone is going

to look back on that night and smile too. And mostly I smile

because it shows me that there are other people out there who love

their school as much as I do, and aren’t afraid to show it.

My first column of the semester was about what it means to be a

Ram. While there is much more to being a Ram than painting a rock,

or participating in any tradition for that matter, I think we could

all learn a little something about being a Ram from the gentlemen

of Alpha Tau Omega.

Melissa is a senior majoring in English. Her column runs every



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