To the editor,

Nov 172003

Since Tony Sciascia is an English and journalism student so near

graduation, one naturally supposes that his professors here would

have taught him that making an argument without justification is

ineffective and irresponsible.

Mr. Sciascia mentioned in a letter that “Wal-Mart is…one of

the world’s largest supporters of sweatshops.” The reader provides

no proof for his accusations. Instead, he rejects a key tenet of

the practice of justice, asserting that the company should “reveal

the location and identities of the (supposed sweatshop) factories

they work with,” insisting that the company should prove everyone

wrong. In fact, shouldn’t it be the journalist’s job to bring the

identities of the factories to public view?

Bringing charges against an entity is a task not to be taken so

lightly as to be done in less than 250 words. Provide justification

next time, Tony Sciascia.

Robert Wade

Freshman, civil engineering




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