Nov 162003

To the Editor:

I saw some exciting press on the tube last Sunday night about

Wesley Clark’s visit to Denver. However, the Colorado Republican

Party, seeking to deflect Clarks growing popularity, attacked him

near the end of the same news piece. It is curious that every time

Clark gets a little press the Right tries muddying the water but

fails to refute any issue Clark has raised. Issues that include

Bush’s increasing deficit, his mishandling of the War on

Terror/Iraq and the mounting lack of respect the U.S. garners

internationally. Even more curious, there are no attacks on Howard

Dean. It seems like the Republican Party is making a concerted

effort to steer Democrats into the Dean Camp. Could be they fear

Clark winning the Democratic nomination.

Even though Dean is a moderate if not conservative Democrat,

could it be that the Republican Party would rather attack a

Democratic nominee they can paint as the “liberal governor from

that small, Ben & Jerry state just south of Montreal?” More

importantly, the Bush/Cheney ticket would have problems attacking a

retired four star general. As a successful commander of NATO, Clark

is the man who can question (with authority) the Bush/Cheney “War

on Terror” strategy. Even a two or three percent swing in the

military vote a year from now might mean a Bush defeat and that

could happen if the President tries to discredit a retired general

of Clark’s stature. Wesley Clark is the candidate all thinking

Democrats, Republicans and Independents, who want to see the

executive branch in more capable hands, should consider.

Richard Miller (Father of a soon to be 2nd Lt. US Air Force)




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