Nov 162003
Authors: Stephanie Lindberg

Coupon books can be a way for students to save money on

everything from tattoos to food.

Two coupon books are regularly found on the CSU campus at the

beginning of the semester, but only some students use them.

Kevin Best, a junior graphic design student, said he has not

used the coupons despite best intentions.

“I always mean to (use the coupons),” Best said. “I usually flip

through them.”

Ian Best, a senior business student, agreed.

“I’ve never used them,” Ian Best said. “I usually look for

something really good.”

One of the coupon books available on campus is College Coupons

book, produced by Brooks Publishing Company, Inc.

The Kansas-based company produces coupon books for about 50

major colleges in 21 states around the country, said Cal Morris, a

national sales representative.

“The format is the same at whatever school,” Morris said. “The

content is different. I wish there were more in it.”

Morris said College Coupons often have representatives in the

area they distribute so they can stay in touch with the companies

that advertise in the book.

Morris said he likes the way his company’s book is designed

because it is easy to keep on hand because of its small size.

“I’ve found ours the easiest to use,” Morris said. “You can pop

it in your purse or pocket.”

Working with the campus bookstores is a way Morris said the

company tries to distribute the coupon books. Handing out the books

directly to students is also something the company does.

“We try not to just set them around,” Morris said.

Campus Cash is also a coupon book available around CSU. Campus

Cash Publications is a local advertising business that also

produces the coupon books for University of Colorado-Boulder and

the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley.

Monte Florea, the publisher and founder of the 12-year-old

company, said the company has been very successful with


“We appreciate all the students that use the booklet. CSU

students have been very good to us,” Florea said.

He said many businesses that advertise in Campus Cash hear about

the company from other businesses.

“We get a lot of referrals from business to business,” Florea

said. “A lot of businesses just know about us and just call


Though the coupon companies may offer a good deal to advertise

in their booklets, some businesses have found it is not worth


“I didn’t sign up for the spring semester,” said Pat Talley, the

owner of Life of the Party.

Talley said she knows people do look for coupons, but the coupon

she offered in the coupon book didn’t bring in business.

“If the discount’s big enough, people will come in,” Talley

said. “We gave out free greeting cards (at one time) and had tons

of people. But we had to replenish the supply and that was over

$500 so we had to stop doing that.”

Jeff Hoffman, the owner of Mountain Music, said advertising in

coupon books is something he just fell into.

“When I bought the business 17 years ago, it was something (the

previous owner) was doing,” Hoffman said. “The price seemed

justified for being in the book. It went to a group of people I was

interested in letting know about the


While consistent exposure in a coupon book is good for a small

business like Hoffman’s, he said sometimes the coupon does not

return any business.

“Some semesters it doesn’t even pay for itself,” Hoffman





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