Nov 132003
Authors: Brittany Burke

A female student claimed responsibility for the graphic banner

displayed next to a rock located halfway between Fort Collins and

Laramie, Wyo.

Alpha Tau Omega admitted to painting the rock with its

fraternity letters. They denied any association with the profanity

on and surrounding the rock.

“Halfway rock” is located off of Highway 287 and has been

painted by students for years.

Kasey Remley, a senior animal science major, believed she was

painting the banner in the name of school spirit.

“We were doing it all in good fun,” Remley said.

The banner depicted a ram sexually assaulting a cowboy wearing a

dress. “Ram the Cowboys” accompanied the image. Remley said she and

a companion painted the banner on Halloween night and drove up to

the rock between 3 and 4 a.m.

“We wanted to get (the banner) up early so nobody would tear it

down,” Remley said. “We’re not artists, but the picture could have

been more graphic.”

However, the banner caused some Fort Collins residents to feel


“I don’t know if it’s just alumni or actually students (that are

upset),” Remley said. “We didn’t expect students to be upset.”

ATO feels this admission of guilt reinforces the values of its


“It’s frustrating someone was associating (the profanity) with

our fraternity,” said Justin Brady, the ATO president. “We’re happy

someone admitted to it.”

Russell Quintero, the ATO vice president, said the fraternity

cleaned up the rock Wednesday. They painted over some of the

profanity with green paint.

“We said we didn’t do it and some people thought we are Greek so

we did it anyway,” Quintero said. “No matter what it’s still

inappropriate for it to be done at all.”

Capt. Bob Chaffee of the CSU Police Department explained the

probability of an individual being charged in the matter.

“Technically, the owners of the property could charge someone

with vandalism,” Chaffee said. “However, it would probably be hard

to prosecute.”

Chaffee said the rock has been painted for so long, it would be

hard to start charging someone with a crime.

“It’s taken way too seriously,” Remley said. “As long as I’ve

been driving up to Wyoming for that football game, that rock as

been painted. It’s kind of like a tradition.”




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