To the Editor:

Nov 122003

On Tuesday I read Chris McConnell’s letter to the editor

concerning Veteran’s Day. I must say that I couldn’t agree more

with him. I praise Mark Tatulli (author of the comic strip “Heart

of the City”) for taking the time to recognize the sacrifices that

our veteran’s make for our wonderful nation. Many schools give

their students the day off to pay tribute to our heroes and our

newspaper couldn’t even take the time to interview one.

Earlier this year, I was deployed to an undisclosed location in

SW Asia to support Operation Iraqi Freedom. I was there to support

our F-16’s so they could assist in our troops advance on Saddam’s

regime. We were only there for two months, and I am grateful to be

home, but there isn’t a day that passes that I don’t think about

our airmen, soldiers, sailors and marines that are still


On Veteran’s Day, I took the time to send out an e-mail to

everyone on my contact list. I asked them to remember those who

served, those who are deployed and those who gave their lives to

defend our freedoms. Although I didn’t receive many responses, I

hope that everyone took it to heart. I also called an acquaintance

of mine named Wally. Wally was a Marine in the Pacific theatre

during WWII. I wished him a happy Veteran’s Day, and he was

absolutely ecstatic. He kept telling me how much he appreciated the

thought. With a simple phone call, I made a veteran’s day.

All I can hope for the future is that a little more respect be

paid to those who sacrificed their freedoms to protect yours.

Chris Colley

Construction Management/Air National Guard







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To the Editor:

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Nov 122003

This is in response to the Christopher J. Ortiz article “GOP

censors CBS.” I am by no means endorsing all that Michael Moore has

to say, but I disagree with you when you say that his motives

behind “Fahrenheit 911” are solely to hurt Bush’s chances for


I am neither a liberal nor a conservative. As one of your astute

fellow writers pointed out, these labels are meaningless. I believe

Moore is making his documentary to shed light on some of the more

disturbing facts revolving around the Sept. 11 disaster. Such as, a

Bush-sanctioned plane making 10 stops in the United States Sept. 11

to 12, to pick up high-ranking Saudi’s and members of the bin Laden

family and flying them out of our country!

Moore may have a biased approach, but he is not alone in seeing

a connection between the Bush’s and the bin Laden’s. In fact, Salem

bin Laden, Osama’s brother, was one of George W. Bush’s first

business partners. As for Moore going through “legitimate media,”

I’m wondering what you mean by that. Are you saying the same

“legitimate media” that allows itself to be influenced by the GOP,

as you pointed out in your article? Or are you referring to the

“legitimate media” that runs Jerry Bruckheimeresque scripted

Jessica Lynch stories, which have since been defrauded by the

private herself? The truth is out there, but you’ll be hard-pressed

to find it in the “legitimate media.” And hey, don’t believe me,

find out for yourself.

Brandon Amato

Senior, social work




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