Nov 122003
Authors: Elizabeth Kerrigan

LaLuz is a delicious Mexican restaurant that offers an array of

fresh and healthy Mexican cuisines.

With the words, “we are not a chain,” written in bold letters on

the top of the first page of their menu, they make it very clear

that they are locally owned and operated.

According to LaLuz owner Peter Shultz, most of their ingredients

are purchased locally and everything is made fresh.

“We don’t even own a freezer or a microwave because we prepare

everything fresh for that day.”


LaLuz presents a very colorful and laid back atmosphere. It is

the kind place that always seems to be filled with people, but is

comfortable enough to go to alone with a book or a newspaper.


If the place is packed, your food may take a while. Food orders

are placed at the front counter and then the food is brought out to

the tables once it is ready. Making an order at the front counter

gives the feeling that the food will be out any second, however, it

takes about the same time as a regular sit-down restaurant. I

recommend getting an order of chips and going to their famous salsa

bar to pass the time.

On Saturdays and Sundays LaLuz offers a full-service sit-down

experience in which waitstaff serve you from beginning to end.

Main Courses:

There are many options here, but a popular course is their

potato burritos that are huge and delicious. They are stuffed with

lightly fried potatoes, cheese, ranch dressing, and salsa, with

your choice of fish, shrimp, steak, chicken, carnitas, grilled

veggies or beans and rice. These burritos are so big, even the

hungriest person will have trouble finishing the whole thing.

Shultz recommends another popular dish, Fish Tacos. He also said

that the Spinach Quesadillas are another one of his favorites.

LaLuz offers a “menu for a healthy heart.” This menu is based on

low fat and saturated fat and includes things like the Pesto

Chicken Burrito, Garden Burrito and Bean Burrito.

However, if a burrito is not what your growling stomach is

asking for, they also have enormous quesadillas, tacos, nachos or

salads, which all have an array of ingredients to choose from.

Any choice on LaLuz’s menu is fairly inexpensive. These tasty,

filling meals will cost anywhere between $3.99 and $7.78.

LaLuz is the kind of place to go when you are really hungry but

can’t figure out where to eat. It is a good change from the Mexican

chain restaurants in Fort Collins.




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