Nov 122003
Authors: Jesse McLain

A 15 -year-old male Rocky Mountain High School sophomore brought

a .45- caliber automatic handgun to school Wednesday morning, said

Rita Davis, press information officer for Fort Collins Police


Allegedly the sophomore had written suicide notes on Monday and

began handing them out to his classmates and teachers, Davis


“He obviously had some issues and needed some help,” she


When the student’s notes were discovered, he was initially

unable to be found and his parents were contacted.

“He had disappeared from class so someone from the school went

to his home to talk to his parents and determine if he had access

to a weapon,” Davis said. “His parents were unable to determine if

a weapon was missing from home.”

When he was confronted the student was found with an unloaded

gun in his backpack and three additional loaded clips.

It was determined that the gun was from the student’s home.

“Within 25 minutes or so we located him. At no time did he

threaten anyone else,” said Tom Lopez, principle of Rocky Mountain

High School. “The issue was a young man threatening to harm


Lopez relayed the situation to students over the intercom and

sent a letter home to parents. Additional information will be

provided to parents at Rocky Mountain High School’s student/teacher

conferences scheduled from 5 to 8 p.m. Thursday evening.

Teachers from Rocky Mountain High School are not talking.

“We have a policy that you talk to the people you should talk

to,” said Laura Druse, teacher at Rocky Mountain High School.

“Having been the journalism teacher for seven years, I believe you

should follow that.”

Fellow sophomore Megan Johnson was friends with and in two

classes with the student.

“He was really, really nice and really funny,” Johnson said. “I

got along with him. It is a complete shock for me to hear he was

planning to do something.”

Johnson, who has first period class with the student, noticed

that he was absent from class but was present at school that


Nick Foster, a 17-year-old senior at Rocky Mountain High School,

felt more sad than scared when he discovered the news.

“People just do that to themselves,” Foster said. “He could have

hurt other people. It’s pretty sad.”

The student was detained by a teacher and later transported the

Mountain Crest Behavioral Healthcare Center, which is part of the

Poudre Valley Hospital System.

Upon release from Mountain Crest the student will be charged

with carrying a concealed weapon, a class 6 felony, and possession

of a handgun by a juvenile, a class 2 misdemeanor, Davis said.

The student has also been suspended from school and upon review

by the Poudre School District Board of Education may face





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