To the Editor:

Nov 112003

I find it disturbing that on the one day a year dedicated to

those who have defended this nation with their blood and tears your

newspaper has chosen to completely ignore America’s veterans. The

only mention in The Collegian came from a comic. How you can find

space for every conceivable issue of the day yet ignore those who

gave you the very ability to discuss such trivial things as what

the football team will do after their latest defeat or that a

fraternity has shown insensitivity to Wyoming. Yet you could not

find even one line to thank those who do what you will not.

Veterans defend this nation, its constitution and its people

from all enemies. Currently hundreds of thousands of American

fighting persons are overseas on every continent working to end

famine and epidemic (in places like Africa), prevent genocide (in

Kosovo and Bosnia), ensuring the security of nuclear materials (all

over the former Soviet republics), enforcing United Nations

treaties (South Korea) and freeing the oppressed.

Forgetting these men and women on their day is unforgivable

especially during a time of great danger for our armed forces.

Veteran’s Day is for soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen it is

not there to support anything besides their sacrifice, so please

set aside your political agendas and thank these people for their


Chris McConnell

Colorado State University

Political Science / ROTC




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To the Editor:

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Nov 112003

Sometimes I feel as though no one can take a joke anymore. I am

not saying that it was right of Alpha Tau Omega to participate in

vandalism, but painting a rock is hardly the “partying, hazing and

worse,” that Tuesday’s Our View encouraged Greeks to renounce.

It also seems as though the editorial staff is giving very

little credit to the intelligence of the members of the community

by assuming that they cannot discern the fact that not all students

of CSU participate in vandalism. Additionally, there are indeed

some fraternities out there that do personify the negative

stereotypes of partying and alcoholism, but I never see them

receive the kind of censure that was given to Alpha Tau Omega for a

simple and relatively harmless act of mischief. I don’t know where

The Collegian’s priorities stand, but I’m more concerned with

individuals who may be going down the path of substance abuse over

the welfare of a rock.

Kendra Olds

Junior, history




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