Nov 112003
Authors: Natalie Plowman

Boxes recently dispensed around campus have been assisting in

collecting coats for local charities as winter is approaching.

From Nov. 4 through 19, these boxes will be in residence halls

and campus apartments. The Operations Management Morale Focus Group

is sponsoring the coat drive.

“We’re going to donate them to local groups like churches,” said

Terri Diaz, a residence hall custodian and member of the Morale

Focus Groups committee.

There are roughly 16 members in the group.

This is the first year the Coats Across Campus was organized at

CSU by the Morale Focus Group.

“This is something we decided to do as a committee,” Diaz said.

“What the group actually tries to do is a fundraiser for very

low-income people once or twice a year.”

The group has done canned food drives and adopt-a-family

projects in the past.

Coat boxes are found in every residence hall on campus ranging

in number depending on the size of the hall.

The project has been successful so far, said Lilly Atkins, the

chairperson for the Morale Focus Group.

“We’re just picking (coats) up every single day,” Atkins said.

“The percentages are coming in very well … It’s been a super


It has not been determined which local charities the coats will

go to yet, Atkins said.

“I’ve seen bits and pieces in local news coverage, I’ve seen the

boxes around campus,” said freshman Courtney Przybylski, a

technical journalism major. “It helps those who need it. It’s a

good thing.”

Atkins said the boxes have to be emptied around campus daily

because of the large numbers of coats coming in.

“It is a little surprising,” Przybylski said. “Especially in the





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