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Nov 062003
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff


Shandra Jordan, editor in chief

Colleen Buhrer, managing editor

Liz King, assistant design managing editor

Christopher J. Ortiz, opinion editor

It seems nowadays if a student graduates in four years, he or

she is an overachiever or had to overload in credits to accomplish

this task, a task that in the past was the norm. According to

today’s story, some of students are finding it difficult to wear

the cap and gown in four years.

Our opinion is students need to plan, financially and

career-wise, on staying in college for more than four years. And

also, the university should either work harder to expand the number

of class sections offered or be upfront with incoming students that

graduating in four years is not guaranteed.

A lot of variables can go into the equation: poor advising,

changing majors, repeat/delete and being able to afford school. We

also feel that external pressures from employers to expect more

from a degree-holding employee can make students stay in school

longer than expected.

Freshmen should plan long-term and not use the first two years

of college as party years. Students who are determined to graduate

in four years might have to overload in credits and sacrifice a

summer of sun for books and homework. High schools should work more

with college-bound students to take college preparation classes and

to take Advanced Placement tests to earn college credit.

Today’s technical fields are becoming more and more demanding,

and to best equip themselves to land a job students may find

themselves taking more and more credits and classes.

Also, the university’s budget cuts could deter that diploma even

longer. Everyone has seen students get panic attacks during

registration as core and prerequisite classes fill up seemingly

faster and faster every semester.

We acknowledge the fact that it is realistic and possible to

graduate in four years, but students should understand that it is

very possible they could call CSU home for an extra year or






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