To the Editor:

Nov 052003

I have zero tolerance for cannabis (marijuana) prohibitionists

and their terrorizing ignorance, and was pleased to read, “The

Other War”, (Nov. 5, 2003). Caging humans for using or growing the

plant cannabis is anti-Christian and uncivilized, and it makes me

want to ask if cannabis prohibitionists really even comprehend they

are admitting a desire to cage humans for using a plant?

The government’s war on cannabis is worse than ludicrous, it’s




Stan White


Dillon resident




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To the Editor:

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Nov 052003

I would like to extend my thanks to Jesse McLain and the staff

at your newsroom. In the time since the unfortunate incident in

Ault where a friend of mine shot and killed his neighbor, I have

read many stories from mainstream media about the incident. Your

story is the first to contact the suspect’s friends and present the

other side of the story.

Although your article failed to mention that Mr. Hammock

confronted Eric Griffin with a club-like weapon, you did however

interview Eric’s business partner David Emslie (Not Enslie, by the

way). I have known both Eric and David for a few years now and I am

actually living with Mr. Emslie. I have a hard time imagining Eric

shooting someone unless he felt seriously threatened. I also cannot

imagine him committing an act cruel to animals.

With your article you returned objectivity and ethics to this

story. I was afraid that this issue was going to become a one-sided

“trial by the media” that is a bit too common these days. No one,

except Mr. Griffin, knows exactly what happened at the scene. What

Eric’s friends and relatives say, as well as Mr. Hammock, is only

speculation. They were not present at the exact time of the

shooting and their opinions as well as ours are based on the media

and police reports. Thank you again for giving Eric a due voice

through those close to him.

Charles Camomile

Sophomore, psychology




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