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Nov 052003
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff


Shandra Jordan Editor in Chief

Colleen Buhrer Managing Editor

Patrick Crossland State and Regional Editor

Kyle Endres Campus Editor

Liz King Assistant Design Managing Editor

We finally have a 16th sport. Well, actually, it’s a little

sooner than necessary. By about 10 months. Based on problems that

are beginning to come out, maybe a few of those months could have

been used to do some more research.

CSU has decided to add women’s water polo, a sport that only has

one other team in our conference, and for which we are seemingly

under prepared.

A major impetus in choosing water polo is that we have a coach

in John Mattos, the current swim coach, and a swimming pool

(however inadequate it may be). Basically, they were financial


Maybe water polo was a good decision. Maybe it doesn’t matter

that our pool is predominantly too shallow and that we will have no

competition closer than California. Maybe it doesn’t matter that no

Colorado high schools have varsity water polo teams. But we’re not

convinced, and nobody else seems to be either.

Maybe the reason is that the athletic department seems to have

announced this without putting a lot of thought into the details.

For example, the athletic department said that we can play

tournaments at Edora Pool and Ice Center, but it seems nobody

thought to check this out with EPIC before declaring the 16th

sport. This is just one of many problems that have been brought up

since the announcement. It seems as though CSU made this decision

too soon and based it too much around the money. Sure, it was

mandated that we add a sport, but we should take advantage of this

opportunity, not just find the fastest and cheapest way to get the

task done with.

Another varsity sport could be a major asset to our university,

and although we are in a budget crisis, there might have been other

sports that wouldn’t cost too much more and potentially could bring

in more money in the future.

Maybe water polo is the right decision. We just hope the

university has done its research.




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