Nov 052003
Authors: Carl McCutchen

Associated Students of CSU President Jesse Lauchner seriously

injured himself while doing laundry Sunday evening.

Lauchner suffered a herniated disc and a fractured vertebrae,

which have left him bedridden this week.

According to ASCSU Vice President Katie Clausen, Lauchner’s

injuries are attributed to his years as a gymnast.

“It’s just one of those freak things. Something moved just

right, he’s pretty messed up,” Clausen said.

Amanda Belles, a senior political science major and an

intra-university senator for ASCSU, said that Lauchner should be

more careful when doing laundry.

“How much damn laundry did he have to do?” she said. “I’m just

kidding. He’s a character and we miss him.”

Clausen said that it is unknown how much time Lauchner will be

out, but that he does begin physical therapy sessions today.

“You really miss your No. 1 teammate when he’s not right by your

side. Everyone misses him and we are eager to get him back, but

right now we are encouraging him to get better,” she said.




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