Nov 042003
Authors: Jesse McLain

As of Tuesday’s election, Poudre Valley School District will be seeing some changes to Board of Directors.

District B, will be represented by the uncontested candidate Ross Cunniff, who is the current president of the board and will be beginning his second term.

“I’m hoping that we can find a way to overcome the uncertainty of the past couple of months,” Cunniff said. “No sweeping reforms that I have planned.”

The only other uncontested candidate is former CSU professor M.L. Johnson, who will be representing District G. This will be Johnson’s first term on the board.

According to a previous Collegian article, the changes ahead will not be easy ones. He stressed that community patience will be key in the board’s success.

“It’s gonna take some team building and some time,” Johnson said.

Candidates for District A, Jane Kramer and Anne Yeldell, will have to wait to see who will be fill the district’s board opening.

According to Cunniff the race for District A is too close to call. Results this close mean that the provisional ballots will have to be counted and results will not be certified until Nov. 18.

John Fooks, the environmental manager for Platt River Power Authority, will be filling District F and is planning major changes for his first term.

“I have some pretty worthy goals I think,” Fooks said. “The first thing to work on is the relationship between the community and the school board.”

Other issues include controlling school finances and lowering the dropout rate in Poudre Valley.

“I’d like to chase that number down to zero,” Fooks said.

More community outreach and close contact between board members seem to be common goals for all the members for this new term.

“We have a very good record of community service,” Cunniff said. “I hope that can continue.”

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