Nov 042003
Authors: Vince Blaser

David Anderson and Chris Pittman don’t leap over defensive backs

for many catches. They don’t have to because of the separation they

have already created gives an easy target for quarterback Bradlee

Van Pelt.

The Southern California duo may have had to worry about their

parents’ homes being just outside the evacuation area for the

California wildfires last week, but neither has had to worry about

taking on the Rams’ receiving attack alone.

In an up-and-down, injury-filled season for the CSU football

team, the Rams’ wide receivers have been there game in and game out

making big catches.

But the two were not among the list of the top recruits in the

country coming out of high school.

“The reason I didn’t go other places is that I was either their

last pick, or CSU’s top pick,” Anderson said.

Neither Anderson nor Pittman fit the ideal wide receiver mold of

tall and lanky. Anderson, a sophomore from Westlake Village,

Calif., northwest of Los Angeles, stands 5-foot-10. Yet, the small

man has put up big numbers in his first year in a starting


Anderson is seventh in the nation with 936 yards receiving on 47


Pittman, the 6-foot senior leader of the wide receiving corps

from suburban San Diego, has one more catch than Anderson with 48

for 654 yards.

Anderson and Pittman both admit they look at the numbers.

However, it is not for mere personal gratification. They let each

other know just what type of numbers they put up in the hopes the

other can top it in the next game.

“It’s all competitive fun,” Pittman said. “We definitely talk

every week about who’s going to have the bigger week, who’s going

to score the most touchdowns.”

Prototypical wide receiver stature aside, receivers coach Matt

Lubick knows he has talent.

“They’re both great competitors,” Lubick said. “Sometimes Dave

may have more yards in one game and Chris will have it in the next,

it’s all based off what the defensive gives us.”

Coming off a 60-catch season last year, Pittman received more

attention from defenses early in the year, which allowed Anderson

to vault to the national lead in receiving yards. But in last

week’s loss at Wyoming, Anderson was held to only two catches. The

passing game didn’t slack, however, as Pittman hauled in nine

catches for 109 yards. One of the two receivers has had over 100

yards in seven of the Rams’ nine games.

Van Pelt has had a breakout year through the air due in large

part to Anderson and Pittman’s skill, he said.

“Without those two, I wouldn’t have made the leaps I have in the

passing department,” Van Pelt said. “I think they work great

together, either one can play each position and can make a big


The secret of their success may be in their attitude to the

game. While they’re out every day working hard, having fun is

always a top priority. Whether it is Pittman talking trash to the

CSU defensive backs after making a catch or Anderson farting in the

face of defensive lineman Patrick Goodpaster during an interview,

the two are not down too often.

“They both have a great sense of humor,” Lubick said. “They are

a pleasure to work with.”

Pittman provides the leadership role along with other senior

receivers Eric Hill and Russell Sprague. Pittman said he learned

how to be a leader from former CSU wide receivers Frank Rice, Pete

Rebstock and Dallas Davis.

“They went balls-out every single day,” Pittman said. “That’s

what I inherited. I always went out there with that attitude.”

Next year, Anderson will have to take the leadership position

for a young and talented receiving corps. While Anderson said he

has learned a lot from Pittman and the other seniors, Van Pelt,

Lubick and Pittman agreed Anderson has always been ready to take on

the role.

“If (Anderson) stays humble and keeps his head on his shoulders

he can do it all man,” Pittman said. “I’m just glad I got to be

here and experience (working with him) for myself.”




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