Nov 042003
Authors: Jamie Way

Voters rejected the video lottery terminals proposed by Amendment 33, one of the most controversial of three primary issues that drew voters to the polls Tuesday night.

“I voted no on 33,” said Sarah Bronby as she stood in line while she waited for her friend to vote. “It was going to put a lot more traffic on I-25 since the dog tracks are there.”

The amendment proposed that video lottery terminals be put in existing gambling facilities, such as racetracks and casinos. The state would have received a portion of the profit, which would be divided among various interests, the primary of which would be the promotion of tourism in Colorado.

Others believed that if the money will be allotted in the manner suggested in the ballot, the amendment would be beneficial. The amendment’s primary goal was to fund tourism in Colorado.

“I think because they are putting (VLTs) in places where there is already gambling, it is probably alright,” said Sara Farb, sophomore natural science major. “As long as the revenues go where they are supposed to.”

Proponents hoped the amendment would stimulate Colorado’s economy through tourism, while opponents were concerned that the amendment would create more competition for casinos and promote gambling.

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