Today is the day to vote

Nov 032003
Authors: James Baetke

Nine local election centers will be available today to local

voters who will cast their decision on three larger Colorado

issues, along with some smaller local ballot proposals.

Starting at 7 a.m. Fort Collins voters can begin to cast their

votes. The Fort Collins Elks, 140 East Oak Street, University Park

Holiday Inn, 425 West Prospect Road and Summit View Community

Church, 1601 West Drake Road are three nearby voting centers.

Polls close at 7 p.m.

Some larger issues on the ballot include Amendment 32, Amendment

33 and Referendum A.

Amendment 32 is a ballot issue that centers around property

taxation. The proposed amendment to the Colorado Constitution would

increase the taxable portion of residential property from the

current level of 7.96 percent to 8 percent. If passed, the

amendment would freeze the 8 percent assessment rate and would no

longer maintain a constant ratio between residential property and

all other property, like commercial.

In short, Amendment 33 is aimed at installing video lottery

machines at horse and greyhound tracks to allocate up to $25

million for tourism promotion and open space protects.

The third Colorado ballot issue, Referendum A, will allow the

Colorado Water Conservation Board to borrow up to $2 billion for

public and private water projects via bonds, if passed. The board

would repay the bonds and limits the total repayment cost,

including interest, to $4 billion.

In addition to some statewide issues, Larimer County also has

ballot proposals for the election tomorrow. One proposal is a

Larimer County tax increase asking for $14.9 million in additional

taxes annually for the expansion and operation of the county


The city of Loveland is also requesting a tax increase to assist

in open space acquisition, operation and maintenance.

Other issues on the ballot and can be read in detail by visiting

the Web site

“”> or by

calling 970-498-7820.




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