To the Editor:

Nov 022003

This is a letter in response to Christiana Nelson’s article

discussing the dangers of tanning indoors (Oct. 30). I regret to

say that for me this well-conceived article was overwhelmingly

overshadowed by poor decision-making on the part of the author.

Specifically, the following quote was troubling to me. “I would

feel retarded if I didn’t tan because I would glow in the dark


I see the use of the word “retarded” in this context as

extremely offensive and problematic. I understand that this was a

direct quote from someone interviewed, however publishing this

excerpt in the lead article on the first page of the paper reflects

poorly on the author, editors and paper as whole. This perpetuation

of stereotypes is counterproductive to the inclusive community we

are trying to create at CSU. The assertion that “retarded” is

somehow bad or bizarre is frankly offensive. Language has the power

to shift thinking, and the staff of The Collegian should be more

aware of their use of this powerful tool.

Ryan Barone,

Graduate Student in the Student Affairs in Higher Education





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To the Editor:

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Nov 022003

The ladies of Kappa Delta Sorority would like to respond to the

misinformation about philanthropic emphasis in the article “Greek

Rush saw high bids this year” (Oct.22). Comments made by a former

member were based on inaccurate information, presenting an unfair

representation of the house. Altruism is a basic principle of Kappa


Nationally, we support four philanthropies, more than any other

national Panhellenic Conference sorority. Every member gives their

time and talents to support the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A.,

Children’s Hospital, Prevent Child Abuse America and Orthopedic

Awards. Last year, over $900 was raised to help in the prevention

of child abuse, adding to the over $5 million donated in the last

13 years.

We also serve many local groups, which include the MS society

and Lutheran Family Services of Fort Collins. Members participate

in other Greek philanthropies: CSUnity, Up ‘Till Dawn and Habitat

for Humanity. In addition to the philanthropic events sponsored by

our chapter, members have completed over 1,300 hours of community

service in the past two years.

In addition to all of the outstanding contributions our members

give back to the community, the ladies of Kappa Delta are

co-hosting a safe trick or treating event for the youth of Fort

Collins with the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity and are proud to present

the third annual Single Out, to benefit Children’s Hospital in

Denver. We invite you all to attend and help out the many youth

affected by childhood diseases at 8 p.m. Nov. 12.

Ladies of Kappa Delta




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