Summit Fund

Nov 022003
Authors: Lindsey Boudreau

CSU’s summit fund, totaling over $120,000, allows students to

gain real world experience in analyzing and trading stocks.

The Summit Student Investment Fund was created in the fall of

1999 with an initial donation of $50,000.

“The main goal of Summit fund is to provide real world

experience for students,” said senior finance major and member,

Gabe Lopez. “Hopefully one day there will be enough money in the

fund to provide scholarships.”

In the spring of 1999, several community leaders were invited to

a presentation at the College of Business at CSU demonstrating the

stock projects that students in the Investment Analysis class had


As a bi-product of this presentation, university and community

business leaders set out to make hands-on learning a reality and

Summit Fund was born.

“Summit fund gives CSU students an advantage,” said finance

major and member, Patrick Ireland. “When I apply for jobs in the

finance field, I can say I have already managed a real


The Summit fund supervisors, Glory Burns and Tim Gallagher, make

recommendations and coach the students in their decisions.

“The fund gives us an opportunity to work with our teachers and

advisors and get to know them better,” said Nate Heckel, senior

finance major and member of summit fund. “It also allows us to

apply what we have learned in other classes.”

Since 1999, total student managed assets in the fund have more

than doubled where they began at with the initial investment.

“Dealing with real money makes the experience a lot more

intense,” said Lopez. “It forces you to get involved.”

Since inception, the fund has relied heavily upon academic

research from the student analysts, workshops with finance

professionals, and practical publications to build an effective

strategy for buying and selling stocks.

“As junior analysts, each student watches a stock in the

portfolio weekly and also looks for possible new investments,” said

Ireland. “We look at company reports, future expectations, and news

and recent events.”

As a result, the fund has been able to outperform the stock

market and expand the fund with each year of new management.

The Summit fund brings many benefits to CSU including being one

of few schools to offer such a program.

“The fund makes our school more attractive to donors,” said

Ireland. “It also helps with recruiting future students.”

Lopez said the fund allows CSU to gain national recognition from

the competitions they participate in. (What competitions are we

talking about)

Many of the members of the fund believe it affects their

decisions knowing they are dealing with real money.

“It’s more than just a game,” said Ireland. “It forces us to

analyze every aspect of each stock and not be frivolous.”

Every semester the past student analysts and advisors interview

any business student that has taken BF355 and wants to be a member

of the Summit Fund.

“Any student that has a passion for finance and loves the market

should consider joining,” said Lopez. The fund accepts 14 analysts

each semester.




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