School Board Elections

Nov 022003
Authors: Jesse McLain

Some may wonder why CSU students should care about the school


For M.L. Johnson, a retired CSU professor who is running

uncontested in the upcoming election, the reason for everyone to

vote is clear.

“For one thing, it is an exercise in citizenship,” Johnson said.

“If we don’t vote then anyone can go in.”

Johnson is the candidate for one of the two races with no


Poudre School District Board of Education directors serve

four-year terms and may serve for up to two consecutive terms. The

board has a total of seven members, and elections are held every

two years. A Poudre School District Board of Education director is

a completely volunteer position.

“They have to set policy, approve budget and oversee the school

district,” said Debbie Hackney, secretary for the school board.

Hackney also agrees that this election is important to all


“It’s your democratic right and you need to be aware and

participate in your society,” she said.

Ross Cunniff, the current President of the Board of Education,

is the candidate for the only other uncontested race.

The races in Districts A and F each have two candidates.

District A’s candidates are Jane Tinstman Kramer and Anne Yeldell.

District F’s candidates are John Fooks and Perry Lorenz.

Allen Hampson and David Dilley both were candidates who

announced Oct. 3 that they would drop out of the race.

Dilley, who is finishing out his first term, said that it was

best for his family if he chose not to run for another term,

according to the Poudre School District Web site.

“It’s not an easy decision, but after careful consideration, I

believe it is in the best interests of family and myself to

withdraw from the Board election,” said Dilley on the Web site. “I

feel my time on the Board of Education has been well spent and

valuable, and regret that circumstances do not allow me to go


One of the more controversial issues facing the school board

will be finding a replacement for Superintendent Don Unger, and

perhaps provide some explanation surrounding Unger’s requested

resignation. Some in Fort Collins have questioned the information

surrounding Unger’s ousting.

For Johnson the task ahead will not be an easy or quick one.

“It’s gonna take some team building and some time,” Johnson












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