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Authors: Brittany Burke

Referendum A asks Colorado residents to approve a $2 billion

bond for water projects. This bond will provide money for things

like enhancing existing reservoirs and building new ones.

Both the opposition and the supporters of Referendum A want the

public to be informed when they cast their votes on Tuesday.

“I strongly support new water storage,” said Rep. Scott McInnis,

a U.S. representative for Durango, Glenwood Springs, Grand Junction

and Pueblo. “It is critical to Colorado’s future.”

Although McInnis supports storage, something Referendum A claims

to provide money for, he does not support the referendum.

“After considering the facts,” McInnis said, “Referendum A is

fundamentally flawed, and I cannot support an initiative that does

not provide binding assurances and protections for each and every

part of Colorado.”

Fort Collins Mayor Ray Martinez said this referendum has more

structure than those opposing it would like the public to


“People opposing (Referendum A) think it’s spending with no

direction,” Martinez said. “It is the opposite. It has much


Martinez said the referendum would not affect Fort Collins as

much as other cities.

“Colorado’s water pulses through every person and animal in this

state,” said Roland Kuehn from the Colorado Rivers Alliance.

Unlike the mayor, Kuehn claims this referendum has no


“Where will these projects be built and what rivers and

communities will be affected directly by Referendum A?” Kuehn

asked. “We do not know.”

The economy touches the debate of both camps.

“To hand over the decision regarding what happens to that water

spells disaster for our health, our economy, our communities and

our rivers,” Kuehn said.

Colorado Rep. Bob McCluskey, a representative for east Fort

Collins, disagrees with those opposing Referendum A.

“Referendum A is important to the future of Colorado, it is

important to the quality of life and it is important to the

economic situation in the future,” McCluskey said.

Colorado residents will have to make a stance Tuesday.

“Water is the one thing that connects us all. If Referendum A

passes it will be water that divides us,” Kuehn said.





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