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Nov 022003


Shandra Jordan, editor in chief

Colleen Buhrer, managing editor

Jason Kosena, assistant campus editor

J.J. Babb, design managing editor

Liz King, asst. design managing editor

Christopher J. Ortiz, opinion editor

Amendment 33 is arguably the most talked about and most popular

ballot issue in a rather dull election. The amendment would allow

video lottery terminals at each of the five existing dog and horse

racetracks and in existing casinos. If passed, part of the revenue

earned would go toward open space, parks and tourism promotion.

The editorial board feels that making this a state ballot issue

is inappropriate and unfair to the local communities that will be

affected by this measure. An issue like this should be decided by

the cities that host the dog and horse racetracks. According to a

Coloradoan article, there is a 1994 state constitutional amendment

that requires local voter approval before casinos are approved.

This amendment is not giving local communities a chance to vote on

the VLTs. Fort Collins officials have opposed the amendment, as has

the district attorney and the Larimer County sheriff.

We also feel that allowing additional gambling during a time of

recession is not the smartest move. A survey conducted for the

National Gambling Impact Study Commission found that more than 5

million Americans are pathological or problem gamblers and an

additional 15 million are at risk. It is known that gambling often

attracts middle- and low-income people.

The campaign spending has surpassed $9.4 million, making it the

most expensive ballot initiative in Colorado history and it is

probably because there is a lot of money at stake here. For Wembley

PLC out of Great Britain, which owns four of the five racetracks,

it means additional revenue. Voters shouldn’t be lured in to this

bad deal by the money the state is going to receive from gambling

revenue. There are other avenues to promote tourism besides


Our opinion is vote no on Amendment 33.




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