CSU student dies friday

Nov 022003
Authors: Jesse McClain

Jesse McClain

Abigail Rice, a CSU open option sophomore who planned on going

to medical school, died Friday morning in a car accident on County

Road 54 G, near LaPorte.

Rice was on her way to the airport for a competition in Indiana

with the Shotgun Sports team at CSU. She was the only one in the


Rice, 19, will be missed.

“She had everything going for her, she had so many friends,”

said CSU student Sara Calhoun, Rice’s roommate and friend. “She was


Calhoun said Rice was on her way to pick up a fellow teammate

when her car crashed 100 yards from their home.

Rice was a competitor, not only with academics, but also in


“She was a really fun-loving and positive person,” said Adam

Cox, friend and Shotgun Club president. “She had been in rodeo for

quite some time and was really excited because this was her first

year on our team.”




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