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Oct 302003
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff


Shandra Jordan, editor in chief

J.J. Babb, design managing editor

Patrick Crossland, state/regional editor

Kyle Endres, campus editor

Christopher J. Ortiz, opinion editor

Jail issue is worth our two cents

Referred Issue 1A is asking voters to replace an existing .20

percent sales tax with a .40 cent sales tax to expand the

Alternative Sentencing Unit. Though the editorial board does not

feel this will solve the county’s jail problem, it is a good


If the issue passes, it means 4 cents will go towards the ASU

expansion for every $10 spent. The expansion will follow a

three-phase, 40-year plan to add 850 beds, according to a

Coloradoan story. If passed, the issue is expected to raise $14.9


We feel alternative sentencing is a great deterrence to sending

nonviolent offenders to prison. The cost of housing someone at ASU

is $20 a day, compared to $66 in jail.

The ASU currently has people waiting up to six months to serve

their sentence. We do not think it is fair or effective to make

people convicted of crimes wait that long or longer to serve.

One concern the board had was that the proposed increase does

not have an ending date.

Though we feel this measure will not solve our county’s prison

problem (it is not only ASU having housing issues), we feel an

extra 2 cents is worth it.




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