Oct 292003
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Water ballot is too vague to support

Amendment 32 will freeze residential property taxes at 8 percent

to prevent them from continuing to fall as they have for the past

two decades. This amendment will not solve Colorado’s budget woes,

but it will hurt homeowners.

We feel it is inappropriate to increase an everyday bill during

a time of recession. Every homeowner has to pay property taxes, and

for most Coloradoans, the last thing they need right now is to pay

more in taxes. If the state really wants to increase its revenue,

it should tax luxury purchases, not increase taxes for owning a


The real concern that this ballot issue brought to the editorial

board was that residential assessment rates have fallen from 30

percent in 1983 to 7.96 percent this year, according to a

Coloradoan article. There is no explanation or attempt to solve

this problem in this or any other amendment when it seems to be the

bigger issue.

Our opinion is no on Amendment 32.

Referendum A would extend the state’s bonding authority by $2

billion for water-storage projects worth at least $5 million. The

referendum does not outline what projects will receive money, which

to us is too vague to support, though we do feel this issue is

addressing the state’s water issue.

Supporters of the bill state that issuing money to water

projects will stop communities buying up agricultural water. Ninety

percent of the state’s water is used for agricultural purposes.

We also can’t support this issue because the final decision lies

on Gov. Bill Owens’ shoulders, though the Colorado Water

Conservation Board must approve all projects.

According to reports, Fort Collins already has enough bonding

authority to have little interest in this issue.

Our opinion is no on Referendum A.




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