Profiling serial killers

Oct 292003
Authors: Elizabeth Kerrigan

Jeffery Dahmer and Ted Bundy were two of the most horrifying

serial killers of modern times. They blended in easily with society

and on the outside appeared normal, but committed atrocious crimes

behind closed doors.

“Serial killers can come from all types of backgrounds, some are

extremely intelligent while others have barely been able to spell

their names,” said Prabha Unnithan, a professor of sociology at


Dahmer and Bundy could do more than just spell their names

right. In fact, they were both very successful at intermingling

with society, making it easy for them to lure their victims to

their gruesome deaths.


Jeffery Dahmer:

Dahmer’s father, Lionel, wrote a book after his son was

imprisoned titled, “A Father’s Story.” The book claimed that other

than the divorce of his parents, Dahmer had an extremely normal


“I could not imagine how he had become such a ruined soul,”

Lionel Dahmer wrote. “For the first time I no longer believed that

my efforts and resources alone would be enough to save my son.

There was something missing in Jeff, we call it a conscience, that

had either died or had never been alive in the first place.”

When Dahmer grew up he lived a quiet life as a chocolate factory

worker and lived in a run-down suburb of Milwaukee, Wis. He was

extremely intelligent and was even able to convince police officers

that he was a 19-year-old lover of a 14-year-old Asian boy, who was

a victim of Dahmer’s who managed to escape,. The young boy, who had

been heavily drugged by Dahmer was unable to speak for himself and

was then turned back over to Dahmer.

Little did the police know that Dahmer was a psychopathic serial

killer, cannibal and necrophile (a person who gets pleasure from

having sexual relations with dead bodies). He killed the

14-year-old boy and dismembered his body.

“Dahmer also conducted his own sick medical experiments,

including lobotomizing some of his drugged victims. Most of his

victims died instantly, but he claimed one with a hole drilled into

his skull and muriatic acid poured into it had functioned like a

zombie for several days,” Court TV’s Crime Library reported.

“Dahmer found sexual gratification in killing his victims,”

Unnithan said. “He would keep their body parts as trophies to look

at to feel satisfied.”

Police finally began to investigate when another one of Dahmer’s

victims escaped. Two officers entered Dahmer’s apartment to search

it, but nothing could have prepared them for what they would


One severed head in the refrigerator, three more heads in the

freezer, several pairs of hands, several male genitalia preserved

in formaldehyde, a quantity of human meat in the freezer (to eat

later), and two boiled and fleshless skulls that were painted grey.

There were also hundreds of grotesque photographs of the victims,

both before death and at various stages after they had been

murdered, according to Court TV’s Crime Library.

Dahmer admitted to killing 17 young boys and men and was

sentenced to 15 life sentences in prison, but was murdered two

years later by another inmate.


Ted Bundy:

Ted Bundy was a self-assured law student and registered

Republican. He was known as good looking and ambitious. Not many

would have guessed that he was capable of such unspeakable acts of


Bundy mainly preyed upon young, pretty college girls with dark

hair parted down the middle. Some have said that his victims all

looked so much alike that they could have passed for sisters.

He usually lured these women in by wearing a sling and asking

for help with something back at his car. He would then knock the

unsuspecting girls unconscious, rape them, kill them and usually

bury the bodies.

“Ted Bundy was a control seeker,” Unnithan said. “He spoke of

having the ultimate control over a person when you decide whether

they live or die.”

His ruthless killing spree started in Washington, moved to Utah,

and then to Colorado where he attacked in Snowmass, Vail and

Golden. When police finally caught him, he managed to escape to

Florida where he broke into a sorority house and violently killed

two more girls for a total of 28, before he was arrested again, for

good, on Feb. 15, 1979, according to Kristi Richardson and Mark

Fisher, authors of “Seize The Night: Theodore Robert Bundy.”

Bundy was eventually sentenced to the electric chair in Florida,

where before his execution he was quoted as saying, “We serial

killers are your sons. We are your husbands. We are everywhere. And

there will be more of your children dead tomorrow.”




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