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Oct 292003

The Crown

“Posessed 13”


Jon Barr, Host of The Dreadful Hours (Tuesdays, 10 a.m. to



Sweden’s rebel angels, The Crown, have just released a new album

under the chilling moniker of “Possessed 13.” This new opus, out

just in time for Halloween, marks a return to their patented

thrash-death roots and of their former vocalist Marcus Lindstrand.

The 13 tracks on this album show The Crown playing at a pace that

would make Slayer envious. Their music has very few mid-paced parts

and is void of any cheesy acoustic interludes. The Crown play metal

the way it was supposed to be played, blisteringly fast,

unrelenting, genuine and completely unadulterated. But this album

isn’t just about screaming and down tuned guitars. It brings

together the twin guitar attack of Iron Maiden, the melodic aspects

of fellow countrymen, At The Gates, and the hate filled screams of

Germany’s Kreator. Just like every album The Crown has put out,

“Possessed 13” proves that guitarists Marcus Sunesson and Marko

Tervonen are some of the best in the business. These axmen have an

uncanny ability to create catchy riffs without ever sacrificing the

ferociousness of the music. They play both fast and melodic, coming

up with some of the most original guitar parts in the underground

metal scene. All in all, if you are a fan of bands such as Slayer,

Sepultura, old Metallica or if you are looking for something new

and refreshing, check out The Crown’s ‘Possessed 13,’ and be

prepared to lock up your daughters and call the cops, because The

Crown is coming to get you, no matter how far.


The Misfits

“Project 1950”


Kevin Rigotti, KCSU volunteer


“Project 1950” is the latest from two-and-a-half-decade-old punk

legends The Misfits, or what’s left of them. Jerry Only is the one

original member that is still in the band and remains the driving

force that keeps The Misfit name alive.

This latest album is a collection of ten 50s cover songs

performed in a way only the Misfits can deliver. “The Drifters,”

“This magic moment,” “Dion and the Belmonts,” “Dream Lover” and

Jerry Lee Lewis’, “Great Balls of Fire” are the best songs on the

album. Coincidentally enough these are also the best originals.

Over all the album is fairly catchy and will get your oldies

bones jumping, but it is hard to think of it as The Misfits. The

“new” Misfits reflect the sound of the “original” Misfits, but can

still not come close to capturing the same mood of the band in the

70s. Power cords, repetitiveness, and inferior recording

technologies are characteristics The Misfits were founded on, but

are no larger present in their music today.

With a great cover of “Monster Mash” this album will do well at

almost any Halloween party.




By Abbie Tippie, Christian Rock specialty host

The eerie glow of flickering stars in the dark expanse of night.

Is this your vision of Halloween? Bleach’s newly released album

entitled “Astronomy” may be heavy and dark as it examines the great

expanse of the uncertainty of life, but it doesn’t leave the

listener spooked.

“Astronomy” is an album that speaks to the listener as well as

Bleach band members alike. Earlier this year, two of the band

members Milam and Jared Byers lost their brother, Captain Josh

Byers, in action during the war in Iraq. When writing the lyrics to

their songs, Bleach did not realize how personal their songs would


“Tired Heart” was written specifically for Josh as a message of

peace amidst the stress, chaos and fear of war. The overriding

theme throughout the album is a cry for hope when recovering from


“Jaded Now” gives the listener confidence that “I will make it

through, You will make it through.” Songs like “Plan to Pull

Through” and “Moving One” address that God has a bigger plan than

we can ever understand. The guitar-heavy rock tracks interspersed

with the occasional slower and simpler piano ballad uphold this

album dedicated to Captain Josh Byers.

“Astronomy” is an album to find solace through the scares, fears

and frights of life.




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