Colorado Mountains Ablaze

Oct 292003
Authors: Jamie Way

Colorado’s mountains are once again ablaze.

A fire located just outside of Jamestown had burned an estimated

1,000 acres as of Wednesday afternoon, according to The Denver


Authorities expect the fire to come under control quickly.

“I would think by tomorrow morning this will look a lot

different,” said Ron Uthmann, operation chief of the Poudre Fire


Favorable weather conditions are expected to tame the fire, as calls for snow/rain showers starting today.

“If the wind dies down it will be a mop-up operation,” Uthmann

said. “That would be my best guess. You never know what Mother

Nature will do.”

At least 300 people have been evacuated, according to The Denver


Also, hundreds of residents had been evacuated from Douglas

County as a result of another fire that burned an estimated 300

acres and threatened as many as 400 homes as of 7 p.m. Wednesday,

according to





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