Oct 282003
Authors: Lauren Mattingly

The number of off-campus students buying a CSU meal plan rose

substantially from last year. About 12,000 students have decided

CSU meal plans are a tasty way to go.

With eight dining halls to choose from, some students said the

different menus offer variety, nutrition and convenience.

“I only have a little bit of time and it’s close,” said

sophomore Tyler Worley, a music performance major.

Meal plans are available anytime during the year and students

said unused meal vouchers that can be used the following semester

are appealing because of their cost efficiency. Most students buy

the 80-meal plan for $360, equaling out to $4.50 per four-course

meal. Access to all-you-care-to-eat resident halls enables students

to get a lot of food for their buck. Off-campus restaurants offer

comparable prices for lunch including Big City Burrito. Big City

charges about $5 per burrito while a Double Quarter-Pounder with

Cheese extra value meal at McDonalds is just under $5.

“The majority of purchasers are sophomores,” said Vicki Diehl

administrative assistant at the Palmer Center. “That is probably

because they liked the dorm food and they know they will not get

the nutrition needed if they didn’t (buy it).”

One advantage of eating in the campus dining halls is the

convenience of saving time.

“I don’t have time to cook and if I were to cook something for

myself it would be macaroni and cheese,” Robert Salyer, a senior

electrical engineering major. Salyer says he usually gets three 80-

meal plans per year.

Sophomore business major Steve Mazzini invested in the 80-meal

plan due to his lack of cooking skills, “I don’t like cooking.

There is too much anticipation before I can eat.”

He plans on purchasing the CSU meal plan throughout his college





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