To the Editor:

Oct 272003

I would like to respond to Stacey Schneider’s editorial of Oct.


(Are gas prices too high?).

I think a little more dissection of the price of gas is in

order. The petroleum industry is granted numerous subsidies, which

we all pay for, but not at the gas pump, so that they can compete

globally and so that we Americans can buy cheap gas.

Additionally, there are environmental, health and social costs

associated with that gallon of gas, which is not reflected at the

pump. To quote the International Center for Technology Assessment,

the majority of people paying just over $1 for a gallon of gasoline

at the pump have no idea that through increased taxes, excessive

insurance premiums and inflated prices in other retail sectors that

that same gallon of fuel is actually costing them between $5.60 and

$15.14. When the price of gasoline is so drastically underestimated

in the minds of drivers, it becomes difficult, if not impossible,

to convince them to change their driving habits, accept alternative

fuel vehicles, support mass transit, or consider progressive

residential and urban development strategies?

Until prices at the pump start reflecting the “true” cost of

gas, we Americans will always be dependent of foreign oil because

it is their oil. Think of this the next time you are lucky enough

to have a $20 bill.

Mike Knowles

CSU Alumnus




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