Oct 272003
Authors: Joshua Pilkington

Strength lies in numbers and the CSU Swimming and Diving team

has a lot of both. Coming off a week of preparation, following

their loss to Rice at Moby Pool earlier this month, the Rams

dominated the field at the Early Bird Invitational at Edora Pool

and Ice Center on Friday and Saturday.

The team accumulated 1,649 points, outdistancing second place

Wyoming (1,206.5 points) by over 400 points. Northern Colorado

(third, 673.5), Colorado School of Mines (fourth, 132), the

University of Colorado (fifth, 89) and Air Force (sixth, 44), also

took part in the meet.

Senior Corinne Hofstetter stole the show with her performance in

the 200-yard butterfly on Saturday. She broke Kansas swimmer

Frankie Hansen’s meet record of 2 minutes, 7.88 seconds – set in

1994 – posting a time of 2:07.70.

Hofstetter also won the1,650 freestyle with a time of 17:39.97

in Saturday’s competition, while the Rams manifested their depth by

winning 18 of 20 events.

“I think more than anything the fact that besides winning most

of the events, we also had second or third place finishes in most

of them,” Hofstetter said of the team’s large margin of victory.

“It shows how much depth and potential we have on this team.”

Part of that depth came from Kristen Schneider and Jamie

Robinson, who posted impressive marks of their own in Saturday’s

events. Schneider won the 200 freestyle with a time of 1:56.68, the

100 backstroke at 58.50 and the 200 backstroke at 2:10.24. Robinson

contributed with a win in the 200 breaststroke posting a time of


“Overall it was a good early season meet,” Robinson said. “For

this time of year we are at a good spot. We still need to work hard

and make improvements.”

Those improvements may come at the Rams’ next meet Nov. 1

against CU in a dual meet at Moby Pool at 4 p.m.

Outbox – please run this

CSU’s top finishers at the Early Bird Invitational on Friday and


Event Time

200-yard freestyle relay

1. CSU 1:38.11

500-yard freestyle

1. Hofstetter, C. 5:07.16

2. Peck, K. 5:13.73

3. Kula, R. 5:16.35

200-yard IM

1. Schneider, K. 2:07.95

2. Peck, K. 2:10.60

3. McCaslin, L. 2:13.54

50-yard freestyle

1. Jones, L. 24.64

2. Langner, P. 25.07

3-meter diving

1. Vigil, L. 398.10

400-yard medley relay

1. CSU-A 4:00.48

2. CSU-B 4:02.95

200-yard medley relay

1. CSU-A 1:50.10

3. CSU-B 1:54.13

400-yard IM

1. Peck, K. 4:38.00

2. Robinson, J. 4:41.31

3. Engs, C. 4:44.17

200-yard freestyle

1. Schneider, K. 1:56.68

2. Hofstetter, C. 1:56.82

3. Peck, K. 1:57.08

100-yard breaststroke

1. McCaslin, L. 1:06.89

2. Fischer, L. 1:08.86

3. Robinson, J. 1:08.94

100-yard backstroke

1. Schneider, K. 58.50

2. Winegarner, B. 1:01.42

800-yard freestyle relay

1. CSU-A 7:51.09

1,650-yard freestyle

1. Hofstetter, C. 7:39.97

3. Felton, T. 8:10.85

200-yard backstroke

1. Schneider, K. 2:10.24

100-yard freestyle

1. Engs, C. 54.50

2. Langner, P. 54.75

200-yard breaststroke

1. Robinson, J. 2:24.48

2. Fischer, L. 2:26.15

200-yard butterfly

1. Hofstetter, C. 2:07.70

3. Kula, R. 2:13.25

400-yard freestyle relay

1. CSU-A 3:35.58




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